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Technical Reference

Manufacturing process
Bearing Material
CLI bearing rings(cups & cones), balls & rollers are made of GCr15 high carbon chromium bearing steel Chemical composition of GCr15 steel:
Steel No. Chemical composition %
GCr 15 C Si Mn P S Cr Mo Cu Ni
0.95-1.05 0.15-0.35 0.25-0.45 ≤0.027 ≤0.02 1.40-1.65 - ≤0.25 ≤0.30

Contrast of steel no. in different countries
Country China ISO U.S.A. Japan Germany France Sweden
Standard GB   AISI JIS DIN NF  
Steel No. GCr15 683/XVLL1 52100 SUJ2 100Cr6 100C6 SKF3
Hardness of bearing rings(cups & cones) & rolling elements is HRC60~HRC65.
CLI standard bearing retainers are made from cold rolled carbon steel. However, in cases of heavy duty, corrosive environment,misalignment and high speed operation, brass, stainless steel, nylon or phenolic resins will be used upon request.
Seals & Shields
CLI shields also employ carbon steel as standard. Buna Nitrile is the standard and mostly common used material for CLI seals. Also, in order to meet the requirements of high temperature operation and compatibility with grease, a variety of other sealing materials are also applied to the seals.
Standard grease and oil are applied to CLI bearing products CLI can also use special pointed brand grease or oil upon request.
Manufacturer Brand name Basic type grease Operation temp(°C ) Use
Exxon Beacon 325 synthetic grease -55~120 General purpose grease
Exxon Andok B(Mil-G-18709A) Channeling petroleum grease -30~95 Excellent high speed,low torque,light mass
Exxon Andok C Channeling petroleum grease -30~120 Smooth running,long life
G.E.Versilube G300 Silicone gorase -75~205 Lighe loads and fine moderate speed
Mobil28 (Mil-G-81332) Synthetic hydrocarbon -55~180 Wide temperature range,good low temperature torque
Chevron Mineral grease -30~180 High temperature range with good water resistance
Shell Alvania2 Mineral grease -35~120 Long life and wide application
DuPont Krytox 240AC(mil-G-27617) Fluorinated grease -35~290 High temperature stablility with good lubricity properties
Shell Dolium R Petroleum grease -40~150 Good corrosion resistance and water resistance
KYODO SRL Synthetic grease -40~150 Low noise,low torque and special case
NIG-ACE W Synthetic grease -18~150 Low noise,low torque and special case
Mobil HP Lithium complex -30~110 Vibration,moderate speeds and good corrosion resistance
Tianjin Hangu Motor No.2 Mineral grease -30~110 wide application,general purpose
CLI bearing tolerance standard accords with Chinese national standard GB/T307(equal to ISO492)
The following are the contrast tables of Chinese national standard with the foreign standards.

Contrast of tolerance class for radial bearings in different countries(except tapered roller bearing)
Country Standard Tolerance class
China GB/T307 0 (G) 6 (E) 5 (D) 4 (C) 2 (B)
ISO ISO492 0 6 5 4 2
Sweden SKF 0 P6 P5 P4 P2
Germany DIN 620/2 P0 P6 P5 P4 P2
Japan JIS B1514 0 6 5 4 2

Contrast of tolerance class for tapered roller bearing(metric size) in different countries
Country Standard Tolerance class
China GB/T307 0 P6x   P5 P4  
ISO ISO492 0 6x   5 4  
Sweden SKF 0 CLN   P5    
Japan JIS 0 6x 6 5 4  

Contrast of tolerance class for tapered roller bearing(inch size) in different countries
Country Standard Tolerance class
China CLI 4   3    
ISO ISO492 4   3 0 00
Sweden SKF 0   CL3 CL0  
U.S.A. ANSI 4 2 3 0 00

*The standard manufacturing tolerance of CLI bearing is Class 0. Other tolerance grade can be supplied upon request

Points of attention for using
Roller bearing is a precise part. Therefore it should be used carefully. No matter how high performance the bearing is, it cannot be obtained by improper use. The followings are the points for attention of use to the bearings.
● Keep clean the bearing and its surrounding areas
It is harmful to the bearing even by tiny dust which cannot be seen by human eyes. Therefore it should always keep clean the surrounding environments in order to prevent the bearing from dust corrosion.
● Cautious use of the bearing
Scar or indentation can easily be produced out of strong impact to the bearing in use and become the cause of accidents. It will even be cracked or broken in severe occasions.
Therefore special caution should be given to its use.
● Use the appropriate operating tool
It is forbidden to use the current tool in operation. Proper and appropriate tool should be adopted then.
● Be careful to the rust corrosion of the bearings
The sweat in the hands will cause rust in operating the bearings. Therefore your hands should be cleanly washed and dried before operation. You'd better wear gloves in doing the work.
Inspection and Test
In the whole course from purchasing of raw materials to every process of production, CLI bearings are all strictly and carefully inspected to guarantee quality. Besides the basic and normally used testing instruments, our factory also adopt the following testing and inspecting instruments to control the production processes and finished products.
Model No.of instrument
Name of instrument Test item
● HV-4B Pc high-speed automatic carbon and sulfur analyzer Chemical composition of raw material
● HC-II High-speed digital display automatic analyzer
● 4X1 Metallurgical microscope Analysis of material and metallurgical structure
● Y9025 Roundness measuring equipment Roundness of groove and outer diameter
● R902 Groove curvature inspecting instrument Groove curvature and groove shape
● RM-1 Surface roughness inspecting instrument Roughness of groove and surface
● S0910 Bearing vibration inspecting instrument (Accelerating)vibration and abnormal sound
● BVY-1 Bearing vibration inspecting instrument (speed) vibration and abnormal sound
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