Agricultural bearing CLI agricultural bearings can mainly be seen in aspects such as tractors, mowers, harvesters, cultivators, front loaders, trailers, baler pressers and silage cutters as well as hoes and ploughs.
CLI agricultural bearings are used in various forms of agricultural machinery should be designed to meet the requirements of the agricultural industry, which includes extreme temperature changes and different loads and capacity. They should be low maintenance and they need to be sealed in order to prevent corrosion.
Without the correct bearings the machinery that is needed to make a success of the agricultural industry would fail to work. It is the work done by the bearing inside a machine that enables that machine to turn and twist in order to do its job. This emphasizes the importance of bearings within the agricultural industry.


Round bore and spherical O.D. TypeSquare bore and spherical O.D. TypeRound bore and cylindrical O.D. TypeSquare bore and cylindrical O.D. Type
Flanged disc units-round bore. TypeFlanged disc units-square bore Type