Spherical Roller Bearing

CLI manufactures a complete range of spherical roller bearings from 25mm to 1.5m bore diameter with the option of parallel or tapered bores. Other sizes may also be available on request. Spherical roller bearings can support high radial loads and moderate axial loads in either direction. They are also suitable for applications involving moderate shock or impact loads.
The inner ring guides two rows of barrel-shaped rollers, with a single spherical outer ring raceway. As such, these bearing can accommodate a varying degree of misalignment depending on their size, but normally between 0.018 and 0.045 radian (1 to 2.5 degrees) with average loads.
Different cage materials are available for these bearings including steel, brass or polyamide depending on the requirements of the application. These bearings are also available with an oil groove and holes in the outer ring for re-lubrication purposes.

Design Type: MA - Design (integral central lip on the inner ring and machined brass cage, outer ring riding);
                              MB - Design (integral central lip on the inner ring and machined brass cage, inner ring riding);
                              C - Design (floating rib on the inner ring and pressed steel cage, symmetrical rollers riding);
                              CA - Design (modified inner design, increased basic load, one piece machined brass cage);
                              CAB - Design (modified inner design, increased basic load, rollers with inner holes, two- piece cages assembled;

                              K - Design (tapered bore bearings, taper 1:12); · K30 - design (tapered bore bearings, taper 1:30)

Technical Executions Conditions:
     a)  Dimensions: The main dimensions of spherical roller bearings are in accordance with ISO 15.
     b)  Tolerance Class: P0, P6, according ISO 492.
     c)  Radial Clearance: Normal and on demand, C2, C3, C4, C5, according to ISO 5753.

     d)  The basic load ratings are established with ISO 76 and ISO 281.


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